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Cranberry & Turmeric Clay Facial Mask


Brighten | Tone | Hydrate

Energize and invigorate skin with our brightening, hydrating face mask. Turmeric works to brighten and cleanse while soothing various conditions such as acne and eczema. Its anti-inflammatory properties also effectively target reduce the appearance of pores and reduce scarring, revealing a natural, healthy glow. Formulated with cranberry seeds, this mask gently exfoliates leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.




Inspired by the Sahara, SOUK products contain pure essential oil extracts from the highest quality ingredients found in nature.

  • - Visibly brightens dull, fatigued skin for a more radiant appearance.

    - Gives skin an “instant facial” to help energize skin and leave it looking renewed and radiant.

    - Gently exfoliates with crushed Cranberry Seeds for softer, smoother skin.

    - Decreases inflammation and blemishes with Turmeric’s powerful natural properties.

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