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September 08, 2019 2 min read

Many of us only think about the external impacts that the environment has on our skin. However, our internal health has a lot more of an impact on your skin’s health than you may give it credit for. So, let’s chat about what we call the Three S’s of Skincare: Sun, Stress & Sugar.

Stressors on Skin


We all love a good Summer glow. However, when you’re not careful, sun damage will have lasting effects on your skin. Long term effects of sun damage decrease elasticity and collagen, especially the most sensitive areas (hello, crows feet) causing premature signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.


Stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive, making your complexion more oily - hence the breakouts that may occur while stressed. Due to your skin’s hypersensitivity while stresses, it may also lead to flare ups or inflammation if you already have sensitive skin.


Sugar often has the reputation for being a main cause for acne. However, sugar is also a main culprit of early signs of aging. It breaks down collagen, which naturally keeps your skin looking plump and lifted, while increasing testosterone, which makes pores larger and skin oilier.

Remedies For Radiant, Clear Skin

Sun Protection

Whether you live in sunny San Diego or in rainy Seattle, wear sunscreen every day to protect from UVA and UVB rays harmful effects. Wear makeup with SPF or add sunscreen to your morning routine. 

But you want that sun-kissed glow? Use sunless tanner, and always look for products that don’t use a ton of added chemicals. We loveCOOLA’s sunless tanning lotion (P.S. it also has firming properties to help with those hard-to-tone areas. For post-sun firming, use ourHerb & Aloe Firming Eye Cream to help soothe and hydrate your most sensitive skin.

Stress Relief

Sleep, sleep, sleep! Beauty rest is more than just a saying. Experts recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night and make sure you’re staying hydrated. A lot of times when we’re stressed, we don’t drink enough water, or think about our own self-care. Try to exercise to keep blood flow moving, allowing your body to excrete waste, excess oil and other toxins from your pores. Be sure to cleanse afterwards with our anti-inflammatorySeaweed & Rosehip Facial Cleanser.

Diet Adjustments

Normally when we think about reducing the sugar in our diet, we think “ok, resist the sugar cravings around my period and we’re all good!”. When in reality, a lot of “healthy” foods at the grocery store have added sugars that have the same effects on your skin as a slice of cake. Have fruits in moderation with high sugar content, check the labels on salad dressings, and look for added sugars in other refrigerated or frozen foods!

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