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January 05, 2020 2 min read

Love drool-worthy images of skincare and beauty products? Us too. Read the full article on Byrdie here and how we became one of this editor's favorite skincare brands she found on instagram.

Fact: Instagram’s Explore Page is dictated by what people in your network view and what you’ve previously shown interest in (by a double-tap, comment, or follow). Needless to say, take one look at someone’s Explore Page and you’ll get a pretty accurate glimpse into every outlandish thing they’re into. After all, the social media site is home to everything from cooking to cat memes. If you open up my Explore Page, I can assure you you’ll see one of three things: skincare and makeup tutorials, workout videos, and cake decorating (don’t ask). 

During my late-night quests to find the most decadent chocolate lava cake, I often find myself down the rabbit hole (aka the never-ending scroll) of the curated Explore Page. And as a self-proclaimed makeup and skincare-obsessed gal, my eyes are always drawn to the tubes, tubs, bottles, and jars—basically, if something looks like a beauty product, I click. After bookmarking several photos from clean skincare brands I hadn't ever heard of, I decided to give their products a test-drive.

SOUK make the most-loved list for the Seaweed & Rosehip Facial Cleanser.

It's hard not to get sucked into Souk Skincare's Instagram page. I love a modern, bright feed with colorful images. Aesthetically-pleasing Instagram page aside, the skincare line was inspired by the Sahara, providing hydrating, nourishing products that feature everything from turmeric to cranberry. The packaging is fresh and simple, and the products speak for themselves.



Simply put, my face feels squeaky clean after I use this cleanser (and I mean the good kind of squeaky clean, not the tight kind). Vitamins C and E (from seaweed) soften and protect my skin while rosehip works to fade the dark spots I've accumulated after one too many sunbathing sessions.

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