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September 27, 2019 2 min read

Leaves are beginning to change colors, pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere, and we're beginning to experience cooler weather. There’s a lot to get excited about this Fall. However, with changes in climate, your skin reacts to the new temperatures too. 

During the Summer months, there is often more moisture in the air, keeping your skin hydrated to act as a protective barrier to outside elements. When temperatures begin to drop in Fall, the air often becomes drier causing dryness in skin, irritation and increased sensitivity. 

Protect your complexion from cooler temps by using these 7 tips:

1. Super Sensitive Skin? Hydrate with Collagen & Aloe.

Hydrate your skin with essential oils, serums and creams. Aloe is one of our favorite base ingredients; it provides deep, long lasting hydration and is a miracle worker for knocking out early signs of aging. 

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2. Switch To A Thick Moisturizer.

Because of the environmental changes, switch to a thicker moisturizer before going to bed that will help to retain moisture throughout the night. 

3. Use a Lip Moisturizer & Eye Cream.

Your lips and eyes are normally most sensitive to change. To compensate for the change in temperature and moisture, frequently use lip moisturizing products and eye creams to help with the adjustment. 

4. Exfoliate Less Often 

To help with the added sensitivity and irritation that can occur because of drier climates, decrease your use of exfoliants (and retinoids if you use them) as they naturally dry out skin even more. 

5. Continue Using Sunscreen

Just because you’re not at the beach anymore (sad) doesn’t mean you’re clear from using SPF! Use SPF 30 with your makeup on the daily to protect against UV radiation.

6. Add Vitamin C To Your Regimen 

Vitamin C works double duty in the colder months and helps combat SPF rays that aren’t fully blocked by your sunscreen while also hydrating your skin. It absorbs deep into your pores for long lasting hydration, while also speeding up your body’s natural exfoliation process to keep your skin glowing all day long!

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7. Use a Humidifier 

To help with adding moisture back into the air, try using a humidifier at night to boost the moisture in your home. The more moisture in the air, the more moisture your skin will absorb!


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